Youth Classes

‘Being an artist is the same as being a wizard... only instead of a wand you use a pencil for your magic.’

Lessons for the year start

28th of January 2020

Youth Classes

Mixed ages from 9 to 18 (Both groups and individual classes available)


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 

3:45pm to 5:15pm


Grafton Art Club, 365 Dobie St Grafton, NSW. AUSTRALIA.


Costing (All pricing includes hall fee)


$17.00 per lesson - minimum 10 lessons


Casual lesson cost: $22.00 per lesson

Holiday Art Fun 2021

 A set of 90- minute lessons exploring drawing and printing. Creating artworks in pencil, paint, pens, collage and other interesting media.

Ages 9 and older. (Lessons for younger children available on request.)

7 art lessons in the school holidays.

Lessons: Tuesday 12.1.21.  Wednesday 13.1.21 Thursday 14.1.21 Tuesday 19.1.21 Wednesday 20.1.21 Thursday 21.1.21 Tuesday 26.1.21


Contact Deborah McLennan 0409321226


  • Quality Teaching Award (2001)

  • Over 30 years teaching experience

  • Inaugural recipient of 2015 Operational Art Outstanding Teaching and Student Achievement Award