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Me as my Art 

Am I the artist who loves to teach or I am a teacher who loves art?


I am a passionate fun-loving person who loves to smile and needs to create…  I endeavour to learn about different techniques and love exploring new media and meshing with my other skills to create something that helps me find that ultimate happy place. It is often encased in windows of free-flowing colours, or fine details or mistakes that take a mischievous life of their own and turn out being a work in their own right.


It doesn’t have to be an artwork it can be a journey or discovery that takes me onto a different path… to somewhere I hadn’t thought consciously about. I love the planning process and the steps that I take before I decide that I have found a stopping point in the process I am exploring. This is when the artwork speaks and says I am ready for you to stop working on me. I love to work with colour pencil and fine pens or masking fluid applied with sticks or chunky pastels.


I’m also enthusiastic to swish a brushwith gusto if the need arises or more sedately if that is the direction I see it inspiring me to head… one stroke or two and the important ‘Pondering Moments’ to see if it’s working or time to stop or try something else entirely to lift the composition to where I am more thrilled or proud.


I love the whimsical and telling stories with my art and try for a little quirky… something that amuses my funny bone which adds another level of enjoyment to my creative process.  It may just capture a happy memory. I like to challenge myself and increase my knowledge of subjects by photography, studying other artists portrayals and drawing with more realism. A highlight was capturing my niece on the page so that her children can’t help but grab the portrait and lovingly say “mummy”.

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